Group structure

5 segments

Südzucker AG, based in Mannheim, is the parent company of the Südzucker Group and also the largest operating company. The group comprises the five segments sugar, special products, CropEnergies, starch and fruit. The sugar, special products and fruit segments are subdivided into a total of eight divisions according to product or region. AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG, comprising the sugar, fruit juice concentrates and fruit preparations divisions and the starch segment, is managed as an exchange-listed company.

Group functions perform tasks and functions for several segments or divisions or for the entire Südzucker Group. Other subtasks are bundled in financial shared service centers and research activities at several research centers.


Bowls with sugar and sugar cubes.

Sugar segment

  • Sugar division (Südzucker): Südzucker AG (Germany), Raffinerie Tirlemontoise (Belgium), Saint Louis Sucre (France), Südzucker Moldova (Moldova), Südzucker Polska (Poland), serveral distribution companies
  • Sugar division (AGRANA) 
  • Agriculture division
  • Equity holdings/joint ventures

Special products segment

  • BENEO division
  • Freiberger division
  • PortionPack division

Driver refueling

CropEnergies segment

  • Manufacturer of sustainably produced ethanol

Starch segment

  • AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG's starch and ethanol activities
Starch segment

Fruit Segment

Fruit segment

  • Fruit preparations division (AGRANA Fruit)
  • Fruit juice concentrates division (AUSTRIA JUICE)