Bodengesundheitsdienst: Sugar beet field

Agriculture and beet cultivation


Since Südzucker was founded, the company has operated its own farms in Germany, and later also in Poland, Moldova and Chile, in the vicinity of the processing locations.

Südzucker, Division Agriculture, Field
  • Cultivation of wheat, sugar beet, corn, chicory, rapeseed, soybean and other

  • Partly organic farming of the areas (e. g. organic sugar beets) and organic turkey production

  • Steady enhancement of modern farming methods and transfer of knowledge into practice

  • Kirschgartshausen experimental farm: further development of sugar beet cultivation methods, biodiversity

BGD Bodengesundheitsdienst GmbH

  • EUF soil testing for all important nutrients as well as humus for agriculture and private sector
  • Mechanical, GPS-assisted soil sampling; support of site-specific fertilization
  • Fertilizer advice and fertilizer requirement determination according to fertilizer ordinance
  • Greenhouse gas accounting
  • Examination of organic fertilizers
  • Animal feed testing
  • Virus testing in plant vines, hops, etc. (ELISA, PCR)
  • qPCR analyses of quarantine bacterial pests of seed potatoes and beet nematodes
BGD Bodengesundheitsdienst GmbH