Company archive of Südzucker AG

Company archive – historical communication

Südzucker AG's corporate archives were set up in 2004 and since that time, have served to document the company's past. Documents associated with all of the company's divisions are stored in the archives, with a particular focus on Germany, especially the period from the first half of the nineteenth century to the present. The archives play a unique role in documenting the company's historic evolution. Not only can the story of the entire company be told by referring to the archived material, but also portraits painted of the progression of individual sites.

Archived documents include

  • Films and audio recordings
  • Photographs and slides
  • Drawings and technical documents
  • Obsolete securities
  • Three-dimensional objects
  • Library with a special focus on sugar technology and agriculture
  • For all existing and former Südzucker locations
  • CropEnergies
  • Südzucker GmbH
  • Agriculture (Südzucker, associations, general)


The documents can be used for research purposes by, for example, economics and technical historians, as well as economics and business educational institutions.

The official papers and displays are also available for use in exhibitions, publications and similar projects.

If you are interested in using materials in Südzucker's corporate archives, please send a request via e-mail or regular mail.


Company archive, historical communication
Südzucker AG
Werk Offstein
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Phone.: +49 6359 803-601, -612
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Company archive flyer (only available in German)

The Südzucker central archive – the memory of the company

1.99 MB

Annual reports for the financial years 1925/26 to 1997/98

Only available in German

Books & brochures

75 years of Südzucker (only available in German)

1926–2001: anniversary brochure

301.50 kB

50 years of Südzucker (only available in German)

1926–1976: anniversary brochure

6.34 MB
Book Südzucker 1926-2001

Manfred Pohl
Die Geschichte der Südzucker AG 1926-2001 (The history of Südzucker AG; in German)
obtainable at bookshops

Book Südzucker 1837–1987

Manfred Pohl
Südzucker 1837-1987 (in German)
now only available in antique shops