Changes in the executive board of Südzucker AG

Mannheim, 27.04.2021 67.70 kB

In its extraordinary supervisory board meeting on 26 April 2021, Südzucker AG's supervisory board has appointed Ingrid-Helen Arnold (52) to the executive board of Südzucker AG with effect from 1 May 2021 until 30 April 2024.

Ingrid-Helen Arnold (CDO) will assume responsibility for technological change as part of Südzucker's digital transformation with the newly created Consumer Markets, Digitalization/IT department. In addition to digitalization and IT, she will also be responsible for the BENEO, Freiberger and PortionPack Europe divisions on the executive board.

"The supervisory board is pleased to appoint Ingrid-Helen Arnold, another internationally experienced member, to Südzucker's executive board. With this expansion of the executive board and the restructuring of the departments, the company is ideally positioned for the future development of Südzucker Group in preparation for the new strategy," said Dr Hans-Jörg Gebhard, chairman of Südzucker's supervisory board.

Ingrid-Helen Arnold is an economist with a 25-year career at the software company SAP with extensive experience in global leadership positions in the areas of data business, business process innovation, IT transformation, corporate strategy and finance. She has worked and lived with her family in Silicon Valley, USA for the past four years.

Ingrid-Helen Arnold will join Dr Niels Pörksen (57; CEO), Dr Thomas Kirchberg (61; COO), Thomas Kölbl (58; CFO) and Johann Marihart (70; AGRANA) as an additional member of Südzucker's
executive board team.

With the appointment of Ingrid-Helen Arnold, the responsibilities on the executive board will be adjusted with effect from 1 May 2021. Dr Niels Pörksen (CEO), a member of the executive board since 2020, is responsible for strategy, corporate development, top management, communications, internal auditing, compliance, data protection and business excellence. Thomas Kölbl (CFO), a member of the executive board since 2004, is responsible for the corporate functions of finance, controlling, purchasing, legal, taxes, real estate and insurance, as well as investor relations. Dr Thomas Kirchberg (COO), a member of the executive board since 2007, will assume responsibility for the new Sugar Division and the New Business Development department in addition to CropEnergies in the newly created Industrial Markets, R&D department. The function of labor director as well as research & development, agriculture and sustainability will remain his responsibility as before. The executive board is completed by Johann Marihart, a member of Südzucker's executive board since 1994 and chairman of the executive board of AGRANA


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