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Südzucker share data

Market capitalization1)EUR million2,6703,278
Freefloat-market capitalization1)EUR million752951
Number of shares issued at EUR 11)million shares204.1204.1
Xetra® closing price1)EUR13.0816.06
High for the year (Xetra®)EUR18.8717.36
Low for the year (Xetra®)EUR12.8810.05
Average trading volume/day2)thousands of shares392539
Cumulative trading turnoverEUR million1,5231,894
Dividend yield    %6.94.4
Earnings per shareEUR2.721.93

1) Balance sheet date.
2) Total daily trading volume on all German stock exchanges where the share ist admitted for trading.
3) 2023/24: proposal

Stock market

Südzucker share exchange data

ISINDE 000 729 700 4
WKN729 700
Trading placesXetra®, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hanover (over-the-counter)
Stock exchange symbolSZU
Ticker symbol ReutersSZUG.DE (Xetra®), SZUG.F (Frankfurt)
Ticker symbol BloombergSZU GY (Xetra®), SZU GF (Frankfurt)

Shareholder structure

Süddeutsche Zuckerrübenverwertungs-Genossenschaft eG (SZVG) is holding a majority of 61.58 % with its own shares and those shares held by them on trust for their own shareholders. Other investors include our Austrian shareholders, via Zucker Invest GmbH, with 10.25 %. Hence, 28.17 % of Südzucker shares are widely held (free float).

Shareholder structure 2023/24

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