Product safety

Product safety

Facts & Figures of our food producing companies are certified 100 %
Audit days we accompany annually 500
different certifications of our products available 25

Product safety

We take responsibility for quality and product safety in the production and marketing of our food and animal feed and bioethanol. Quality management systems have been implemented in all Südzucker divisions to ensure the safety and desired quality of the products - from the development phase of a product via procurement, production and distribution to customers.

GFSI, organic, halal and non-genetic engineering: our variety of certifications

Our quality management systems are based on internationally recognised standards with extensive requirements and standardised assessment procedures, such as IFS Food, BRC Global Standard Food Safety and FSSC 22000, and almost all Südzucker production plants that manufacture food now have such certificates, which are equivalent to the Global Food Safety Initiative GFSI.

A special feature: For individual product groups, various production locations also have additional specific certificates - in accordance with special customer requirements - such as organic, kosher, halal or no genetic engineering.


Product safety

Quality without compromise

A central element of our quality management system for food and feed is the HACCP concept. It represents a systematic hazard analysis which covers the properties of the raw materials and the end products, each individual production step as well as transport and storage activities.

On the basis of this analysis, if necessary appropriate measures have been taken to protect consumers. The system also includes the analysis of complaints as an additional information basis for the continuous improvement of processes and products.

Maximum safety – also for animal feed

Feed for animals ultimately becomes food for humans. Accordingly, high standards must also be maintained in the production of animal feed in order to guarantee quality and exclude any risk to humans and animals.

Our production facilities hold certificates of internationally recognised feed safety standards such as GMP+International, QS Quality and Safety or FCA. 

Animal feed