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Sustainability  lived corporate practice at Südzucker

Since the company was founded, the core of our business model has been to process agricultural raw materials into high-quality products.

As a leading integrated group of companies with plant-based solutions for food, energy and other applications, we drive for a livable, healthy and sustainable world.

The availability of these raw materials plays a key role in this process, both now and in the future. Accordingly, the principle of sustainability has always been an integral and lived part of our corporate practice.

With our operating activities we have direct influence on and therefore a special responsibility for the people around us, protecting and restoring our environment and high-quality, innovative products and services as the basis for our economic success.

For us at the Südzucker Group, “Growing in Balance” means harnessing the passion and expertise of all of our employees in their diverse roles to create value that is in harmony with people and the planet. In everything we do, we aim to strike a balance between economic, ecological and social issues, as well as the various expectations of our stakeholders, which we actively include in our efforts. Together we can help create future worth living in.


We are committed to conducting business sustainably and aim to minimize any possible negative impact of our business activities on the environment. Südzucker Group’s environmental, energy, climate and occupational health and safety policies are aimed at reducing the resource requirements and environmental impact of business activities and continuously improving the energy efficiency of production processes.

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Business success and the acceptance of social responsibility belong together in our view and are a key prerequisite to sustainably conducting business. We attach high priority to responsibility toward our employees as well as compliance with human rights. Equal attention is given to responsibility with regard to the people who consume our products, social commitment and dialog with our stakeholder groups.


At Südzucker the quality and safety of the entire product portfolio – from food and animal feed all the way to ethanol – are top priorities. In addition to classic sugar products, we also offer interesting alternatives for various food applications. Furthermore, the promotion of a healthy active lifestyle is an important concern for us.

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