Code of Conduct

The reputation of a company is as good as the conduct of its employees. Every single one contributes towards how the company is perceived by its customers, its capital providers, society and also by colleagues.

To help Südzucker employees conduct themselves appropriately in their daily work, and especially in critical situations, Südzucker has developed an uniform Code of Conduct. It represents the company's shared understanding – oriented on applicable law – of how it wants to work together to be successful on the market. This Code of Conduct is binding for all managers and employees throughout the entire Südzucker Group with the exception of AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG – which has an own Code of Conduct that takes the Südzucker Code of Conduct into consideration and implements it. 

Main content

  • We maintain Integrity in Business Transactions
  • We produce safe Products of high Quality
  • We protect our Information
  • We communicate comprehensivly, correctly and clearly
  • We treat our Employees fairly and respectfully
  • We act responsibly towards our Environment
  • Commitment and Points of Contact
  • Compliance Business Values and Principles