The companies of the Südzucker Group produce a wide range of high-quality food and animal feed as well as ethanol and other products for the food and non-food sectors. Here you will find an overview and related links.


Within Südzucker Group, Südzucker AG (Germany), Saint Louis Sucre (France), Südzucker Polska (Poland), Raffinerie Tirlemontoise (Belgium), Südzucker Moldova (Moldova) and AGRANA (Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary) produce sugar and sugar specialities for the end consumer market. 

The Südzucker Group companies offer a wide range of sugar varieties – whether for baking, preserving, cooking or simply to sweeten foods and beverages. Visit the consumer websites for more information: I I I I I 

  • Südzucker AG's household range
    - White sugar (fine and finest sugar, finest baking sugar, sugar sticks)
    - Pearl sugar
    - Icing sugar
    - Preserving sugar
    - Brown sugar
    - Organic beet sugar 
    - Cane sugar
    - Candy sugar (rock candy, sticks etc.)
    - Sugar cubes
    - Sugar loaf
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For more information on recipes, consumer tips and much more, visit these websites:
Saint Louis Sucre:
Raffinerie Tirlemontoise:
Südzucker Polska:


Within Südzucker Group, Südzucker AG (Germany), Saint Louis Sucre (France), Südzucker Polska (Poland), Raffinerie Tirlemontoise (Belgium), Südzucker Moldova (Moldova) and AGRANA (Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary) produce sugar and sugar specialities for industrial and retail customers throughout Europe.

Südzucker is the leading producer of beet sugar, sugar specialties and related co-products. We are producing e.g. organic beet sugars, fondants, pearl sugars, liquid sugars, sucrose-based excipients and are ready to customize products according to customers' requirements. Our customers benefit from a highly reliable and high quality supply chain, numerous production facilities conveniently located in Central Europe, profound sugar R&D and commercial activities consequently oriented on the needs of customers and consumers. 

Please visit, the website of our sugar business, to learn more about our value added services and the bio-based sweetening solutions we offer to customers and business partners. 

Our range for processors:

  • Crystalline Sugars
    - White sugar
    - Extra white sugar
    - White sugar High-Grade
    - Pearl sugar
    - Icing sugar / Raftisnow® 
    - Candy sugar, Candy powder
    - Brown sugar (crystalline and soft)
    - Cane sugar 
  • Fondants, Icings, Glazing & Paste
    - Classic fondant
    - Powdered fondant
    - Ready-to-use fondant
    - Sugar-reduced fondant
    - Close wrap icing
    - Fudge icing
    - Roll-out icing
    - Glazing
    - Invert sugar paste
  • Liquid products
    - Liquid sugar 
    - Invert sugar syrup
    - Glucose syrup
    - Glucose-fructose syrup
    - Blends
    - Candy syrup
    - Caramels
  • Organic beet sugar
  • Sucrose-based excipients
    - COMPRI® 
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Further information and contact details can also be found on the following websites:
AGRANA: AGRANA Sugar portfolio
Saint Louis Sucre:
Raffinerie Tirlemontoise:
Südzucker Polska:
Südzucker Moldova:


BENEO offers plant-based functional ingredients for food, feed and pharma that help improve the nutritional and technical properties of a wide variety of products.

  • Food and animal feed
    - Prebiotic dietary fibre from chicory root
    - Functional carbohydrates from sugar beet
    - Speciality rice ingredients
    - Plant-based proteins from wheat, rice, faba beans, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical excipients
    - Fillers and binders (galenIQTM)
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For more information on the products and areas of application, please visit the BENEO website.
Here you can get in touch with the BENEO experts
At a glance: Local offices and plants

Freiberger Lebensmittel GmbH

Freiberger Group specialises in chilled and frozen products. With over 1,000 recipes, Freiberger refines the brands of the international trade - precisely tailored to the individual requirements of our partners in retail and food service.

  • Pizza and tarte flambée
  • Pasta and ready meals
  • Snacks and baguettes
  • Organic pizzas
  • Bakery goods: products for bakery stations in supermarkets
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For more information on the product range, please visit the Freiberger website.
At a glance: Contact and sales offices

PortionPack Group

The PortionPack Group, with its current seven companies, focuses on the production and marketing of portion packs.
The Group has an extensive portfolio of food and non-food products and offers needs-based solutions for customers in the out-of-home market, as well as efficient packaging solutions for food manufacturers and retailers. The range includes branded, personalized and customized products.

  • Coffee supplies (sugar sachets etc.)
  • Biscuits
  • Chocolates
  • Breakfast supplies (spreads, baked goods etc.)
  • Seasoning
  • Sweets and snacks
  • Non-food products (guest amenities etc.)
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Further information and contact details can be found on the PortionPack Group website and on the websites of the individual companies of the Group:

HELLMA Germany (Germany) HELLMA Czech Republic (Czech Republic) Van Oordt The Portion Company (Netherlands/Benelux) CDLC (Netherlands) Portion Solutions Limited (United Kingdom) SAES The Portion Company (Spain) Collaborative Packing Solutions Ltd. (South Africa)

  • Renewable ethanol for fuel applications
    Renewable ethanol is produced by fermentation from carbohydrate-containing biomass such as sugar and starch. It has an alcohol content of at least 99 percent by volume, making it de facto water-free. It is used as fuel or mixed with normal petrol (E10). In the Südzucker Group, CropEnergies and AGRANA produce renewable ethanol.
  • Neutral alcohol
    CropEnergies operates plants for the production of neutral alcohol in Germany and France with a production capacity of up to 150 million litres per year. The neutral alcohol is used in the beverage, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries as well as in industrial applications. 
  • Liquefied / biogenic CO2
    Fermentation processes, for example in ethanol production at CropEnergies or AGRANA, produce biogenic CO2 that can be captured, purified and put to further use. The purity of the carbon dioxide obtained meets the highest requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries.
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More information on ethanol is available on the CropEnergies and AGRANA websites.
More information on neutral alcohol is available on on the CropEnergies website.
More information on biogenic CO2 is available on the CropEnergies and AGRANA websites.

Contact CropEnergies
Contact AGRANA


From the raw materials corn, potatoes and wheat, AGRANA manufactures high-quality starch products for a wide variety of applications in various industries (food and non-food).

  • Food (also organic)
    - Native and modified starches, pregelatinised starches
    - Dry and liquid saccharification products
    - Potato flakes and dried potato products
    - Vital wheat gluten
    - Bio-innovations
    - Infant and child food
  • Modified and native rice, corn and tapioca starches for the cosmetics industry
    - Emulsions
    - Decorative cosmetics
    - Powder products
    - Dry hair shampoos and conditioners 
    - Anti-perspirants and deodorants
    - Liquid shampoo and conditioners
  • Starches for pharmaceutical applications
    - Excipients and carrier substances
    - Pills
    - Powders
    - AGENASORB 9020
  • Native and modified starches for technical applications
    - Construction chemistry sector 
    - Bioplastics 
    - Starches for the textiles industry 
    - Adhesives 
    - Paper industry
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Further information on the starch portfolio can be found on the AGRANA website.
Contact AGRANA


In its Fruit segment, AGRANA processes fruits and other agricultural raw materials into high-quality products for customers around the world. The main products here are fruit preparations (AGRANA Fruit S.A.S.) and fruit juice concentrates (AUSTRIA JUICE GmbH).

  • Fruit
    - Dairy and dairy alternatives (fruit and brown-flavour preparations; preparations with inclusions; savoury preparations)
    - Ice cream (fruit preparations; brown-flavour preparations; preparations with inclusions)
    - Bakery (fruit preparations; brown-flavour preparations; specialities)
    - Food Service (fruit preparations; brown-flavour preparations; preparations with inclusions; sauces, toppings and syrups)
    - Fruit specialities (fresh, frozen and dried fruits; fruit puree and coulis)
  • Juice
    - Fruit juice concentrates
    - Beverage compounds
    - Fruit Wines
    - NFC-Juices
    - Flavours
    - Fruit sweeteners
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Further information on the fruit portfolio can be found on the AGRANA website.
Contact: AGRANA 

For more information on the Juice portfolio, please visit the AUSTRIA JUICE website.


When processing agricultural raw materials, Südzucker Group companies use all raw material components to make high-quality products - such as animal feed or other co-products.

  • Animal feed
    - Beet molasses
    - (Pressed) Sugar beet pulp
    - Sugar beet pulp pellets (SBPP)
    - ProtiGrain®
    - ProtiWanze® / CDS (Concentrated Distillers' Solubles)
    - DDGS (Distillers' Dried Grains with Solubles)
    - Proteins (ActiProt®,ActiGrano®, corn gluten feed, wheat gluten, potato protein, corn gluten)
    - Actibeet®
    - Wheat bran
    - Bee feed (APIinvert®, APIFonda®, APIorganic®)
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Find out more about animal feed on the Südzucker, CropEnergies and AGRANA websites as well as on

  • Fertilizers
    - Carbokalk
    - BioAgenasol® 
    - DüngeMel
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Further information on fertilizers can be found on the Südzucker and AGRANA websites.

  • Wheat gluten (food and animal feed)
    Due to its nutritional and technical properties, gluten is mainly used in food production and in special feeds, e.g. for aquaculture and pet food.
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Further information on wheat gluten is available on the websites of CropEnergies and BENEO.

  • Betaine
    Betaine is obtained from molasses, a co-product of sugar production, and is characterised by a wide range of applications, e.g. for the cosmetic, feed and food sector.
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Please find more information on betaine on the AGRANA website.

Further areas of application for our co-products:

  • Molasses
    - Raw material for the fermentation industry (production of e.g. yeast, ethanol, citric acid).
    - Production of vitamins in the pharmaceutical industry
    - Technical applications
  • Pressed pulp / Sugar beet pulp pellets 
    - Fertile soil substrate        
    - Paper substrate
    - Biogas production
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You can find more information on

Sugar beet field

Advice and information for beet farmers in southern Germany

Extensive field trials on new sugar beet varieties, advice on pesticides and fertilizers, cultivation methods and much more form the basis for sustainable sugar beet cultivation.

theBarn - an Open Innovation Platform powered by Südzucker Group

Innovation is an important part of our DNA. The Südzucker Group is leveraging the synergies of an integrated company operating farm to consumer. Collaborative innovation and working in open innovation ecosystems is an important enabler. For more details visit theBarn, the open innovation ecosystem platform of Südzucker Group and learn how we can successfully co-create a plant-based future.