Südzucker increases dividend to EUR 0.70

Mannheim, 19.07.2012 54.69 kB

On July 19, 2012, shareholders at the annual general meeting of Südzucker AG Mannheim/Ochsenfurt voted in favor of the supervisory and executive boards' recommendation to increase the dividend to EUR 0.70 (previous year: € 0.55) per share. The total amount distributed thus rises to EUR 132.1 (previous year: 104.1) million. The decision was made with due consideration to the operating profit and cash flow achieved and reflects the company's excellent performance.

In its outlook, the executive board confirms the guidance that has been issued to date. Südzucker continues to forecast that consolidated group revenues for current 2012/13 financial year overall will climb to over EUR 7.0 (previous year: 7.0) billion and that consolidated group operating profit will rise to over EUR 800 (previous year: 751) million. The higher profits will come mainly from the sugar segment. The special products segment is expected to repeat last year's strong results and the CropEnergies segment to build on last year's record profits. The fruit segment's operating profit is expected to improve.


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Dr. Dominik Risser

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