Südzucker becomes member of the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI)

Mannheim, 10.08.2022 76.26 kB

Südzucker AG joined the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) in July 2022. Südzucker's membership underscores the company's ambitions to support an accelerated transformation of the use of fossil carbon to renewable carbon from biomass, carbon dioxide and recycling. At the same time, it gives Südzucker the opportunity to raise the profile of sustainable agriculture in the context of a fossil carbon-free industry.

The chemical industry and many processing industries are facing the challenge of replacing their products with sustainable, bio-based alternatives over the long term. Südzucker Group sees itself as a natural partner to support the industry - where decarbonization is not possible - on the path to defossilization, thus making its contribution to an enjoyable, healthy and more sustainable world.

Whereby, Südzucker Group does not intend to simply be a raw material supplier, but rather to move further up the value chain. Biomass and carbon dioxide, which is among other sources available in high quantities and quality from fermentation processes, are the basis for this.

As a leading integrated group for the development, production and supply of plant-based solutions, Südzucker Group has set itself a direction with its Group Strategy 2026 PLUS, which, among other things, places stronger focus on technology- and market-driven value creation from plant-based materials. "The large-scale processing of agricultural raw materials into high-quality products has always been the basis of the business model. Starting from this core, the company has already successfully expanded and diversified its product portfolio. This path is now to be systematically continued and Südzucker Group is to be established more strongly than before as a partner in the area of biobased chemicals and materials," says Dr. Jens Angermann, head of biobased chemicals in Corporate New Business Development.

The Renewable Carbon Initiative was launched by the Nova Institute and now has more than 40 members, including well-known companies and institutions from all areas of the value chain. For more information: www.renewable-carbon-initiative.com


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