Geschäftsbericht / Annual Report 2023/24
Geschäftsbericht / Annual Report 2023/24

Annual Report 2023/24

Group Figures 2023/24 Revenues € 10.3 billion
Operating result € 947 million
Capital employed € 7.2 billion
ROCE 13.2 %

Dear shareholders,

The 2023/24 fiscal year has been extraordinarily successful for Südzucker Group, and we can be proud of everything we have accomplished. A business performance like this is anything but a given in an era of multiple crises. The effects of the Ukraine war and other geopolitical conflicts have impacted our business as much as the persistently challenging supply situation for raw materials, sustained high volatility in energy prices, inflation and the cooling economy in Central Europe – to name just a few of the economic conditions within which we operate. So it is all the more gratifying to see our current strategy validated and receive confirmation that our concentrated and focused efforts have paid off.

Südzucker executive board

Dr. Niels Pörksen

Financial Year 2023/24

Segment Figures 2023/24

Dr. Niels Pörksen

Delisting of CropEnergies

Dr. Niels Pörksen

Strategy 2026 PLUS

Annual Report 2023/24 - Group Strategy

Dr. Niels Pörksen

Südzucker employees

Annual Report 2023/24 - Employees


Annual Report 2023/24: Overview

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Annual Report 2023/24: Sustainability

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Annual Report 2023/24: Südzucker shares and capital market

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Annual Report 2023/24: Outlook

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Südzucker AG - Financial statements 2023/24

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